But...can it be OPTIONAL?


If struggle has become your default mode, or worse, your identity, it’s time to recognize and release it.

Does any of this sound like you?

- Struggling with negative thoughts and self-talk

- Struggling with what, when, and how much to eat

- Struggling with inconsistency and self-sabotage 

- Struggling with a sense of constant disconnection

How would it feel to flow through your days (relatively) struggle free?  

Imagine yourself moving contentedly from situation to situation, operating from a new default mode….freedom.

Introducing Struggle Freedom: 

Create a Daily Sense of Flow


This mini-course presents 4 strategies for recognizing and releasing sources of struggle as they arise! 

Nothing to Buy

No Lists to Make or Foods to Buy

No Ways to Fail

Just the POSSIBILITY of greater flow & freedom

Take a bold step to stop the persistent, slow drain of struggle.  There is an easier, gentler way to be. 

This course teaches the Struggle Freedom Formula, 4 daily practices to stay out of struggle.

The 4 Modules are:


Affirmations for adopting a struggle-free identity


“Body breaks” & the build/blend food selection system


Curating mini-rituals to connect with self & the universe


Designing a navigation system to alert when life’s off course

Each module includes an introductory teaching video, then two short Exercises to complete.

Get Access to Struggle Freedom Today!

Are you ready to feel more freedom from struggle every day?  Do you want to infuse your life with flow energy that supports your health, weight, and relationships?

Get access to Struggle Freedom now for just $97

**Money back guarantee**

*Participants who complete the course and implement all practices but don’t experience an increased sense of freedom & flow may request a refund within 30 days of purchase.*

Hi!  I’m Kim Smith of Unbelievable Freedom. 


 I’m a former teacher and mental health therapist - and a reformed struggler.  An important part of my story involved losing 80+ pounds with intermittent fasting and maintaining that loss for 3 years.  IF is still one of my tools, but it was shifting fully into a Struggle Free identity that created real freedom.  That’s what I teach in this course, and what I want most for everyone who takes it.


Start Your Journey to Freedom Today!

Is Struggle Freedom for You?


This is not a weight loss course.  It makes no pledge about specific changes in body shape or size.  If your only goal is to change weight, there are many programs to support you in that pursuit.  


While this course was carefully designed to increase a sense of health and happiness, it cannot address underlying trauma or clinically significant mental health problems.  

But if you are living your life day to day, wishing for just a bit more flow, longing for greater Appreciation, Balance, Connection, and Direction….Struggle Freedom is absolutely FOR YOU.


If any part of you is thinking, “These courses never help” or “I probably won’t even finish this”, I invite you to think differently.  The course is easy to watch, reflect on, and start implementing immediately.  You’re capable and you’re worth it!

Jump in and take the Struggle Freedom journey with me.  I believe enjoying your life is your birthright and it’s a joy to spread this message in my work.  Hope to see you inside!

I'm Ready to Live Struggle Free!